Are You Finding Property For Sale Or To Let In Islington?

There is a huge market for are many flats in Islington and fortunately there are many purchasers looking to buy flats in Islington, but there is only one Hotblack Desiato.

Actually, strictly speaking, the final part of that sentence isn’t strictly true; when Douglas Adams was searching for the name for one of the characters in his ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, he saw one of our signs and rang our office to see if he could use the name. Naturally, we said yes, so there is another Hotblack Desiato – but he exists as a fictional member of a fictional interstellar rock group. However, as far as the property market is concerned – we are the only Hotblack Desiato!

We were formed in 1979 in Islington and initially dealt only in residential sales. Thirty years and two more offices later, we now also specialise in lettings and have accumulated a wealth of local knowledge that we pass on to our clients in helping them to find the property that is right for them. So whether you’re looking to rent flats in Islington or buy flats in Islington, we can help.

Finding property for sale or to let North London is relatively easy, but finding the right property is a different matter. We take pride in our reputation as the area’s foremost property specialists and it is only when a rental or sale property has achieved our own criteria that we release it onto the market. Using Hotblack Desiato as your property agent means that we will only offer you property that we feel suits your specifications; we can discuss these in person, by telephone or you can send us an email.

Incidentally, our ‘sold’ signs come and go with alarming speed. This is partly due to our success in the industry, but it is also partly due to Douglas Adams enthusiasts taking them as trophies! Still, it’s nice to be popular.

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