A Mattress — Your Most Valuable Home Investment

Honestly, how productive you think you were today at work? Do you think you could have performed a lot better if you have had more time to sleep the night before? — most people will answer yes to these questions without giving much thought to them, it is because it is very common to lower our performance at anything we do if we haven’t had a proper night sleep.

Sleep deprivation is not something to brag about, the fact that you have spent too much time awake when you should have been resting only shows that you have a disorder which will affect your cognitive abilities and memory. In some cases people get sleep deprivation because they don’t have the right mattress, owning a mattress which will make you feel comfortable and provide a good night sleep is absolutely crucial if you want to be successful at anything you do, this is because when you get a good night sleep you are more alert, your cognitive abilities improve and you are able to respond more efficiently to any problem.

It is said that a mattress is perhaps the most important investment that you could do because if you purchased a good one you will be able to rest properly and therefore you will become more productive, having a good mattress can improve your health and solve back pain problems. People spend one third of their lives lying on a mattress, this may sound like wasted time however, during this time our body performs maintenance functions which will allow us to perform our daily tasks without any problem.

When it comes to mattress there are several materials which are used to manufacture them, one of the most important ones is foam, according to the future are going to give this mattress the thickness of the foam will vary, foam with standard thickness is used to manufacture a mattress which is comparable to the models found in places such as IKEA, reflex foam mattress are different because they are able to emulate the feeling of a sprung mattress.

Among the most popular type of foam we have the one which is referred to as memory or Tempur material, NASA played a big role in the development of this particular type of mattress, the material was originally used in order to protect astronauts from gravitational or G-forces which could harm their bodies when they were about to enter our atmosphere. Memory foam is able to take shape of our body and act as the most versatile material which offers no resistance or points of pressure which might make a person uncomfortable during a good night sleep.